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MULTIVAC will be featuring a variety of processing and packaging machines at IPPE 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia at Booth C37125. The machines featured will include our new high output and compact slicers, new flowpacking machine, high performance thermoformer, traysealing, chamber machine, pouch loader and much more!

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Featured Equipment

GMS 400

GMS 400 Portioner

The GMS 400 is the ideal solution for creating steaks, chops, thick slices, cubes and strips of beef, pork, lamb and veal that are consistent in size and shape. Increase yields, decreased giveaway, and enjoy the sight of hundreds of pounds per hour of perfectly portioned product rolling off the line with minimum labor required!


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S 300 Slicer

The semi-automatic S 300 slicer achieves exceptionally high-quality slices of various food products including cheese, bacon, sausages, deli meats, and fish. Products with a maximum length of up to 1,000 mm can be gently and perfectly sliced, even at warmer temperatures, and deposited on the portioning system in the predefined arrangement pattern. 

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W 500 Flowpacker

W 500 Flowpacker

MULTIVAC developed the horizontal flowpacker for packaging products at a high output in challenging production environments. Perfect for delicate food products, frequent product changes, and capable of intensive cleaning in harsh production conditions. The W 500 is designed to be particularly robust and durable.

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Pouch Loader System

Pouch Loading System

The MULTIVAC Pouch Loader makes packaging with Belted Chambers an easy and semi-automatic process. Enabling significant increases in efficiency and ergonomics, with major cost reductions. The B 525 chamber belt machine offers a very high output with products such as meat, cheese, poultry and fish.

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R 275 Thermoformer
R 126 Thermoforming

R 275 Thermoforming

The R 275 MF thermoforming packaging machine is a high-level model for packing a wide range of food products, such as steaks or salmon cuts, in MultiFreshTM vacuum skin packs. This enables maximum shelf life and perfect product presentation to be achieved in medium to large batches.

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R 126 Thermforming

The R 126 is a thermoforming packaging machine, which is pre-configured for all
basic requirements in the medium-output range. It offers an extended configuration
level for standard applications and makes it possible to achieve a more individual
pack design.

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T 305 Traysealer

T 305 Traysealer

The T 305 is a fully automatic traysealer which is optimized for small and medium batches and quick product changes. The T 305 is largely servo driven and optimized for output and precision. It is the market leader in all quality categories (process, machine, tray finish, product protection and sustainability) and designed to support your profitability.

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TX 720 Traysealer

TX 720 Traysealer

MULTIVAC TX traysealers are characterized by maximum output and optimizing the available production space. The TX 720 is efficient, flexible, durable, and cost-effective. The TX 720 traysealer covers a wide spectrum of food packaging applications,ranging from to meat, sausage, fish, poultry and ready meals.


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I 211 Checkweigher
I 100 X-Ray

I 211 Checkweigher

The I 211 checkweigher is equipped with a metal detector and because of this, it is
especially space-saving. It can accept a wide variety of package weights, between
10 and 6000 grams. This machine is capable of operating at a speed of up to 90 m/min and can be equipped with different systems for ejecting reject packs.

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I-100 X-Ray Inspection

Our X-ray inspection systems make an important contribution to product and process reliability. In addition to metallic foreign bodies, they also detect non-metallic foreign bodies such as stones, glass and bones, and check the completeness of the pack contents.


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Digital Product & Services

MULTIVAC digital products and services offer customers innovative solutions for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing production. Future-proof solutions for machine monitoring, control and production optimization.

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